Latoya Julce aka Latoya Fitness – Harlem, New York New York


Was confronted with the reality this past weekend that all fellow women are not created equal and surely do not share the same values. Latoya Julce, originally from Boston, but currently living in Harlem aka Latoya Fitness is a personal trainer, spinning instructor and a dance fitness instructor for 305 fitness-but what you don’t read in her list of achievements is that she is a sidepiece hoe and home wrecker. I find it ironic how she is always posting inspirational, morally ethical quotes on her social media pages but reality is that she is a scandalous, lying, backstabbing slut-bag with zero integrity. It is awful to think that so many people look up to her for empowerment and inspiration, yet you turn your back for a split second and she is sleeping with your man. Ladies, do yourself a favor and train with someone who reflects your values instead of someone who is the epitome of self interest. The fact is that she reminds me of a bowling ball, who gets picked up, fingered and then abandoned in the gutter because once the man wakes up and realizes the game is over- he will quickly go back home to where he knows there is actual value. Let this be a lesson to be learned….if he pursued you for this long, it’s not because he cared for you, it’s because he could. Rule of thumb: the cheapest prices attract the most customers and as the saying goes: “Ms. Codfish, you can dress yourself up in the prettiest of clothes but cheap fish is cheap fish and trust me the stench will never leave you.”

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By Ronald

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