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Complaint: Ms. Regina or as she is wantin folks to call her now Is using all of my spell descriptions to sell her own website. I heard about this now I see for my own eyes. This lady is not part of any tribe or orginaization. Anyone can have a Misa which is what these photos show. this lady is not authentic I am my family come from direct decendants of the Zulu tribe . She is not eve4n of African descent therefore no way could she evr be handed down “so called secrets””. This lady is making millions off of poor lonely souls with broken dreams or pockets giving them false hope. She furthermore trys to mislead people by throwing Africans photos and names on her site. as you can see most of the pictures are quite quite old. Again this lady is a fake these are pictures of a misa/. Any of our true true rituals conjure up the devil and if she were in fact a High Priestess as she claims she would be in a trance. Again the snake s the lizard recipes the lizard for money and the spells by the Nile Rive or during Rainbow season are all From our Tribe . We did the Famous Whitney Houston B;lessing some say freeing her from drugs. This lady latinstar is what we cll a gypsy. a con artist Ms. Cleo if you will.”

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