Larson Manufacturing Kansas City Missouri Review


I got suckered by Larson’s “lifetime warranty”” nonsense too. Here’s the deal: I bought one of Larson’s midrange storm doors at my local hardware store. I was assured that the expense was justified by Larson’s excellent lifetime warranty and sound reputation. Within a year the latch broke and Larson wants $50 plus shipping to replace that part. Larson doesn’t guarantee their hardware and they won’t just sell the latch. Customers must re-purchase the entire ridiculously overpriced handle assembly. It’s quite a scam. The latch is the thing that goes in and out of the latch cylinder when you turn the knob

and the latch and seats within the strike-plate to secure the door closed. Usually a latch is a very substantial chunk of metal

since it hits the door jamb every time the door is closed; but there really isn’t much to a latch

so it’s pretty hard to screw up. Larson managed to. Larson designed their latch as a Y

where the single arm is the robust external part of the latch that hits the strike

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