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Well… to start off, this trick thinks that she is the best because she models. She models half naked to naked and posts the pictures online, well of course my husband Robert started liking them and then started talking to her online. At first I was really upset, but Robert said that it was just a friend thing and nothing to worry about because he loved me so much. || Well, a month later on Valentines day, he was gone all day, he said that he was at work, but he was actually getting things for her for Valentines day. I ran into him at the store and he had flowers and candy and a pretty necklace….all from Walmart of course. I thought that they were for me. Come to my surprise that they were not for me. I asked him where my gifts were and he said that he didn’t have the money after all to buy the things he had. I checked his credit card statement and he still got the stuff I was able to find out his login info for facebook and found all kinds of messages between them. She was sending pictures of her nasty crotch and butthole. It was so disgusting!! I almost threw up the minute I saw them. I sent her a message asking if she knew my husband and she said that she didn’t know him, nor ever heard of him. I never confronted her because she is the type of person who will blast me online and call me all kinds of names when she and my husband were the ones in the wrong. I didn’t want to go through that humiliation, so I decided that this was the best option to get the story out. She says that she doesn’t want anybody to say anything to her about her pictures and that she can do what she wants….well, the internet is here to stay and her picture and this story will be up for a long time. || LaRissa Kaye is nothing but a home-wrecking whore who was into drugs and alcohol and an abusive relationship and she tried to get my husband wrapped up in her web of lies. She has a new boyfriend and I don’t think that he knows what type of whore she really is, but I’m sure he will know now.

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By Ronald

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