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Langston Hampton Jr found me through, he told me I was beautiful and had much talent he told me that he would fly me out to Memphis all expenses paid but I had my doubts so I did not take him up on the offer. A couple months go by and I just happen to be driving through Memphis on my way from Nashville to Dallas he had contacted me a couple days before and asked me if I was still interested in his offer which was to do a small porn as an interview for other companies to be provided with to see if they were interested in taking me on as a client, before I arrived in Memphis he told me that it was necessary to give him $600 in order to work for his company to get my business license, once he got the money there were promises and promises on top of promises of my business license being made and different companies such as that wanted to meet with me which as we can see now was all a scam so not only did I get my business license I also had sexual contact with him for absolutely no reason ladies please stay away from him as he can be very persuasive!

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