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Complaint: The following is not so much a complaint against Mattas Marine and RV, as it is a complaint against a brand u201cLance Campersu201d whom Mattas is an exclusive area dealer for. In late July of 2015 my wife and I purchased a new Lance 1685 camper from Mattas. A couple of weeks after that purchase during our first trip, we were greeted with a flooded bathroom and wall cavity due to poorly installed plumbing, no heat due to a non-functional heater, intermittent refrigerator operation and incorrectly installed vinyl flooring on the slide out. Upon our return we contacted both Lance and Mattas. Lance stated they could not be of help and any issues should be addressed under the manufactureru2019s warranty therefore it is between us and the dealer Mattas. Mattas had us bring in the camper for service. A week later we received the camper back with a poor unacceptable attempt to correct the vinyl issue, a working heater (bad thermocouple) and repaired plumbing. The intermittent refrigerator operation was not addressed as Lance states in their owneru2019s manual that the refrigerator will not operate properly above 5000 feet and since we were camping at 9800 feet intermittent refrigerator operation was to be expected. Never mind the fact we live in Colorado at 4800 feet and were not informed of this prior to purchasing the camper. On or second time out with the camper we were greeted with an intermittent hot water heater, a non-functional air conditioner and leaking black water tank dump valve. The intermittent hot water heater issue was corrected at the camp site with a minor orifice adjustment, the non-functional air conditioner was corrected upon return home my myself after dissembling the unit and locating cabling that had become dislodged. Three weeks later the camper was returned to Mattas for black water tank dump valve service, replacement of the vinyl flooring and a fix for the intermittent refrigerator operation. Two weeks pass and a call is made to check on status, only to find out that service was on hold due to Mattas inability to locate a vinyl installer. Within an hour of hearing this I was able to locate and schedule a professional vinyl installer to complete the project at Mattas. Two weeks later I receive a call from Greg Mattas stating everything is good to go with the exception of the refrigerator and inability to locate any black water tank dump valve leak. Currently the camper is back in my possession and less than two hours after picking it up my wife points out a big bubble forming on the oven back splash where it looks like it is starting to peel away from the wall. So where do we go from here? Thanking about purchasing a Lance camper? I would you think twice, in my view, Lance has some major quality control issues to deal with not to mention callous customer service and zero customer support. It would be well worth the time to shop around and do some serious research on both the dealer and product prior to purchasing.

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Address: 43120 Venture Street Lancaster, California USA


Phone: 661-949-3322

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