Lamonika Davis-Dumoulin – More than just a homewrecker South Carolina


This woman paraded around like she was my friend but in reality after destroying her own marriage by cheating she decided to destroy mine as well. It’s no secret my husband and myself hit a rough spot, we all do. Stress rocked our relationship but we were mending well until she showed up, they texted non stop and she even tried to threaten me when I reached out to stop it. In the end she cost me my husband in more ways than one, she caused us to split because I refuse to be in the back burner for anyone and sadly his party girl encouraged his drinking and his drinking was the end of him. He passed away in May 5th after drinking and getting into a fight with her for cheating with his friend and she not only allowed him to drive away drunk she told him to and he was involved in an accident and died soon after. She destroyed my children’s lives in many ways, now 4 children have no father and have to grow up without him. This girl leaves destruction everywhere she goes BEWARE!!!

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By Ronald

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