Lamonica Jackson Fort Wainwright, Alaska Alaska


First off, I’m military. I live in Alaska for 3 years before I left to go overseas in August. Lamonica Jackson, an overweight stripper, from Fairbanks, Alaska, met my husband at a club. According to him, he tried to hook her up with his friend. After I left Alaska..they texted back and forth. He said he was drunk at the club and so he took her home where they had sex. According to was only one time..he said he told her that he was married..she wasn’t angry..she still continued to pursue him.I found this out a few months later and contacted her, and yes, I cussed her out! She had the audacity to tell me he still ‘wanted to hit it’. Now what is messed up about this situation is that heifers like her make military females hate men especially that I had just come back from Afghanistan in April 2012. She continued contacting him over Facebook even after he met up with me overseas..  managed to put an end to it. I tried to file a restraining order but its a little bit impossible to do being that I’m over sea. || Fact: Lamonica Jackson has been known to have sex with military spouses and giving them sexually transmitted Disease. I would know. Its a good thing the military doctors treated me before it got out of control. I believe she is still lives in Fairbanks Alaska waiting for a service member to deploy so she can seek their spouses out.

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By Ronald

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