Lake Buena Vista East Hotel, ICHG, Holiday Inn, Priority Club Rineyville Kentucky Review


I was planning a trip to Orlando, Florida as my friend was visiting from Thailand. I had booked my flight and all I needed now was my lodging.My husband who is Active duty Army was away at Drill SGT School. I therefore have a Military ID.I went to my Priority Club Rewards website that can make reservations. They work through InterContinental Hotels Group and are affiliated with Holiday Inn.I signed in, selected the city I would be traveling to and chose my dates. The website listed the available room rates, (GOVERNMENT, ADVANCE PURCHASE, FEATURED, BEST FLEXIBLE, AND PACKAGES). There was not a cancellation policy or an explanation of all the varying rates anywhere to be found. I then picked my hotel based on the lowest price, (when I made my booking the ADVANCE PURCHASE was the lowest rate, the website now shows the GOVERNMENT RATE as the lowest). nI have done business with Holiday Inn for the past thirty years. Usually you have the right to cancel up to 24 hours before your check-in date. So I made (by that I mean I inputted the information for my credit card) my reservation. nThen the cancellation policy pops up with there thank you for choosing Holiday Inn. I NOW FIND OUT THAT IT IS NOT REFUNDABLEFOR THE ENTIRE STAY…I had originally booked for 6 nights. The website would allow me to modify the reservation but not cancel it completely. I therefore modified it to only 2 nights. nI immediately called Holiday Inn to cancel the reservation as something must be wrong with the website that it would not explain this prior to making the reservation. The customer service rep. was well aware of the problem with the website not providing the details of the cancellation agreement until after the monies had been extorted! However, her hands were tied and there was nothing that she could do. I would need to talk with the Manager of the hotel, CHAD WAKEER. nI then called the hotel. It was 2:00 AM and spoke with the night clerk and he told me that it was not refundable no matter what, but I could certainly try back tomorrow during business hours. nI finally was able to talk with Mr. Wakeer and he informed me that he was only the Manager and his hands were tied and although he felt bad that I would not be coming he would work with me at a later time if I would be acceptable to that. He requested that I call Guest Relations and tell them I am no longer disputing this. He also told me that this is what he spends the majority of his time doing and he has never lost! After all it is a non-refundable price. I HAVE NEVER DISPUTED THAT ISSUE.nMy dispute is that the website did not make full disclosure of the service that I was purchasing until after they had extorted my money. I have checked out the website and they are now disclosing the fact that an advance purchase reservation means you are purchasing the entire stay in advance. I made the reservation at midnight on 4/7 and did not fly to FL until 4/15.nALL THESE ORGANIZATIONS HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS AND ANYONE ELSE I CAN PERSUADE. Enjoy your $201.14. nJust the factsnRineyville, KentuckyU.S.A.

3484 Polynesian Isles Blvd Kissimmee, Florida U.S.A.



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