LaGrange Country Dodge – Lying Salesman

Don’t trust their salesmen, don’t buy a car here, and don’t get your car fixed here! They do all kinds of promotions and “coupon” type gimmicks that get you in the door, then they take advantage of you. I was harassed like crazy when I got to their lot. I fell victim to their test drive and win a prize stunt. I was being pushed on a car that I had no interest in. I needed a family friendly car and the salesman tried to sell me a sports car? I was very clear about what I wanted. He wasted at least 2 hours of my time. I finally picked out a vehicle that was up to my standards.Guess what my prize was? A bumper sticker…After I drove the car home irritated, it broke down on me 24 hours later. I had to take it back to their mechanics who were just as awful as the salesmen. I could go on. Take my word for it. This place is a nightmare.

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