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So me and my now husband have been together for 10 years and married for 1. We started dating when we were in high school and it just seemed to be perfect! In December 2012 we got engaged not soon after I started to notice my finance having his phone with him at all times and not letting me anywhere near it! Soon I found texts exchanged between them him saying good morning beautiful and then flirting back and forth and her constantly talking bad about me! We have a daughter together she is almost 3 and I have a stepdaughter who is almost 10! || I confronted him about these texts and he said he found her on a sex website and it wasn’t anything serious and the typical lies a guy tells you! Well soon she started to send him pictures and stuff that I found very inappropriate to be sending an almost married man! Before our wedding in October 2013 I put a stop to it he had to stop contacting her and everything or else me and my daughter would be gone! Well he seemed to have stopped then about a month ago I stumbled upon texts again from her and them flirting again back and forth! This is so hard for me I love him but he always goes running to other females when he needs his ego stroked!! || I have also confronted her on a couple of occasions and she just can’t seem to get it through her tiny brain that flirting or messaging a married man is wrong especially when you send him pictures of yourself!!

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