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Complaint: This guy Georg Labusch is a real cowboy. We bought a property from him recently and it was the worst experience we ever had buying property in Germany. First of all he had us signing contracts and commission agreements the day we contacted him which would have been okay if he had not charged the seller side an outrageous commission as well which we in end-effect paid as it was added to the selling price. A few weeks after we bought the property we discovered that part of the land which we expected to be included in the sale and was shown to us when we inspected the land was excluded from the sale contract. We bought the property to redevelop the building and now because a vital part of the property was not included in the sale we cannot redevelop as planned. This will cost us HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EUROS!! We spoke to others that had done business with Georg Labusch and Labusch Immobilien and found out that this guy has a track record of ripping people off. I hope some of these people will also share their experiences here.

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Address: Ungerer Stra Internet United States of America


Phone: +49 89 944 03 66 0

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