LA Parking Violations Bureau – Class Action Suit Torrance California


Complaint: I sold vehicle in April 5, 2009; registered sale with DMV at my AAA 4-10-9. Month later vehicle got pkg ticket at adr of A.R.Estrada to whom sold it. Multiple times I sent LAPVB copies of sale&Xfr ownership submitted to DMV (also confirmed at AAA it was processed) + my insurance agent cancellation April 10 as proof of non-ownership. I requested a hearing was denied saying I missed ‘window’. I’ve been disabled since 1999, sold this vehicle unable to transport my wheelchair. 2005 laid off 35 yr job after heart attack at work, not able work since. Calls to cty of LA Pkg Viol bureau are useless, single minded or say it been taken care of yet i still get notice. last one LDCollections dated 5-20-11 received 5-23-11 demand to pay $190.00 immediately as sanctions apply.Bottom line non-ownership with proof submitted forms signed and dated multiple times is ignoredI appear powerless to fight this travesty. They ignore the fact that I was NOT the owner deny hearing citing expired time period. (now 2 years old) I tried to have a hearing set for Torrance Court (citation issued in Torrance zip 90501, I live in 90503) being disabled since 1999 and use a powered chair was no consideration to this agency; I was denied a hearing.Should be quite obvious to anyone reviewing facts: citation was issued at buyers address according to his CDL which I recorded at time of sale 4-5-9: cit:2043279416 issued 5-5-9 CA2TTW807 RedZone at 1350 Carson St adr of 4-5-9 purchaser: Apt#1 of Antony Raymond Estrada Jr CDL E0722923 birth:3-16-52I’ve never been to this 90501 addressAgency appears to systematically ignore simple facts to inflate city (and perhaps private?) coffers?I have read numerous similar reports in ripoffscams

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Address: 312 W 2nd St Los Angeles, California United States of America


Phone: 866 561 9743

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