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They sell you a package telling you that you can cancel at anytime with notice through your online account. When you go online to cancel online though then they inform you that you have to fill out and mail in a cancellation form, and that it takes 60 days. After 60 days they continue to take your money out of your account and swear up and down they never recieved your request but if you send another request they will try to process it quickly so you wont get another charge, keep in mind they have already ripped you off for 2 monthly charges by this point. Their reps will outright lie and make up stories to turn it back on to the customer. You are left with the only choice being to go to your bank, and filing a fraud charge which you will lose, due in part to the working they have in their contract. This outfit has lawyers that have this wording down to a science, and not in your favor. Your only recourse will be to cancel you accounts at your bank and open new ones, including all the hassels that entails. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY…..NEVER LET THEM INTO YOUR ACCOUNT for ease of billing or a savings each month….THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF

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