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It was a week before my 10yr wedding anniversary when I found out my husband was cheating. He is a disabled veteran and his disability was not enough to keep us afloat. I got a job working for the postal service and I was working 10,11, sometimes 12 hrs a day. So he was lonely…when I discovered the affair it had been going on for 8 mths. I contacted this chic and she said she wanted the 2 of us to get together and confront him because he told her we were having problems and our marriage was failing and we had an open marriage, which was a lie. So she knew he was married!!! I was all for it because she was lead to believe the 2 of them had a future together. When my grandmother passed away in May, she came to my house, while I was at the funeral. One of the pics you see is of her in my front yard. She made plans to remodel my house. I also confronted my husband and I got many details from him about how she was adamant that she didn’t want to be a homewrecker and she wanted to be sure it was going to be okay, yet she never contacted me to verify his story. She doesn’t even have a HS diploma or a GED, she is 21 and can’t even drive!!! A few dys before the set confrontation SHE chickened out and said she was just going to move on….it was a lie. She tried contacting him shortly after she shut down the meeting she was furious to find out that he had blocked her from contacting him. So she told me she was”late.” I was too numb still to react and I really didn’t believe her, and 2 wks went by and I contacted her again and she still said she was”late.” She refused our offer to take her to the doctor or to take a pregnancy test. I and my husband contact her and she finally admitted she was not pregnant, but she wanted my husband. After he told her he was done and anything she had to say she could say it to me…she once again asked for a face to face, I agreed and she pulled out again on the day scheduled. A few more wks went by and she contacted my hubby again saying she missed him and he again told her to talk to me. We set another date and I tried calling her, messaging, etc just to give her a chance to say her peace and she ignored me. I feel like like if you are hoe enough to spread your legs for a married man, then be woman enough to own up to it. I hope she see’s this because I have a message for her…you cannot mess up people’s lives,families, and marriage and not suffer the consequences for it. || I never had any intention of seeking physical harm to you if that was your fear…I wanted to impart some sound advice and here it is…you cannot”date” a married man. You should want more for yourself then to be someone’s option or second choice. I don’t care if a man’s wife is about to take her last breath, she is wearing the ring, she has the paper that says they are Legally and spiritually a match. You are not special, any woman can spread her legs to get clothes, food, hair done, etc. Womenot like you are everywhere. If I were you Kyra, I would focus on my education and making myself self dependent so I wouldn’t have to be a Hoe to get what I want in life. In then end, what have you gained? He is still here with me, and his family and you are a memory. Some ppl would say what I am doing is childish and petty, I call it having the last word so women like Kyra don’t ruin someone else’s life…why should we have all the pain and suffering? If she had of gone on her way as she said she was going to at first, we would be fine…but she kept trying to cause problems even after he cut her off. If that’s not a homewrecker, I don’t know what is.

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By Ronald

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