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I have been with my husband for almost 10 years, married for 4. We have been through our ups and downs, but had come out stronger. After my husband spent 2 and 1/2 years incarcerated, it was not easy to get our relationship back but we both made a strong effort. Toward the end of October 2013 I asked him to move out. We still spent time together, tried marriage counseling(he bailed the second time), but in January 2014 he had moved back home. Things were ok but he seemed distant which made my instincts question things. In March my cousin called me and told me she saw my husband with 2″ghetto lookin females” at the local shopping mall. I questioned him and he claimed they were just his friends and gave him a ride do I let it go. As time went on he would spend nights away from home, and not answer his phone. I knew something was going on, but couldn’t pinpoint witb who. Then it all came out on May 11, 2013. I was approached by a car full of females looking for my husband. I had been gone all day but my instincts made me wait outside when I got home. Sure enough my husband was walking down the sidewalk with the females in tow, yelling at him. I walked up and confronted the situation. One of the females said”yeah he f##kin her and he been”. I cussed my husband out and told him he needed to get his stuff and go.The nastiest part of it all is that she is 19 years younger than my husband, young enough to be hus daughter for real. Well he proceeded to stand outside and talk to his hoe. I went back out and confronted them both. || I then paked up items for myself and our kids and left.The next day he was begging to get his stuff. Then within days he wanted to come home, be a family, work on things. Despite my concerns I let him come sleep on the couch. He made changes for a little bit, or acted as if he did. Throughout the next few months I was supportive in legal and medical issues and did my best to forgive him. The homewrecker and I had words many times. I approached her as a woman anc triec to tell her that my husband and I had children and had history. She wasn’t so cool about things. She wanted to fight with me physically, and had I not just found out I was pregnant, I probably would have jumped on it.Now that this has gone on for many months, both of them maintaining contact, I am sick of the total disrespect. I don’t blame her for it all, but as a woman she should have backed off. Now expecting another child I am also faced with all of this, and explaining to all our children.

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