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Refund for payment for tech services-stated that their system crashed and the ScamPulse.com has ordered them to refund my payment. Talked to "superviser" and said I wished to check it out. Subsequently, the original caller questioned if I thought I was some kind of a smart person and eventually called me a "son of a bitch." They wished me to push the control key and 4-flag ket to get a form. Then they would refund the moner ($300) I paid in 2016 to my account. They mentioned account number and routing number and alluded to a debit card. I actually paid with a credit card. They referred me to a copy of the original transaction information located by tapping on a desktop icon for their help desk.Feel free to contact me for additional details. I had stopped using them due to being alerted to the inadvisability of doing so by a computer-savvy friend. They had previous tried to get me to sign up for more (broader) services for, I believe, about another $599. Chuck RoelantP.S Some services were received from this provider before direction went negative-couple of technical problems solved and an updated Windows Office product provided.

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