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Okay just a quick run down….I’ve been with my husband for eight years…great relationship great kids wonderful life….yes we have had hard times but nothing we couldn’t get through….krystal here dated my husband nine years ago….she left him nine years ago for a gay guy that was trying to be down for his friends…but in the end he admitted he was gay…hahaha…anyways since she broke it off they haven’t spoken…she hurt him taking her kids away from him….at the time he had no biological children…krystal and I have mutual friends…everytime I went to visit our mutual they would tell me krystal is back at trying to get ahold off him…asking for his phone number or address, coming up to his old job asking for a new employment place….this girl is crazy!!! She knows we have three beautiful babies together and we just got married after eight years Dec 3 2014. We have been doing great as far as fixing our problems and our relationship is the best it’s ever been….krystal sees we get married and goes ape shit…lying to everyone who will listen staying while I was at work she was with my husband…also he sometimes works thirds and she states he is at her house when he is at work….little does she know I trust my husband’s judgment and I have 100% faith my husband will never betray me….but hearing the story from multiple people I got insecure and it caused a big ripple, until we worked it out and he showed me the ho les in her stories….it got so bad people had recordings of her taking about in detail the imaginary sex she had with my husband…. || one of the three days she claims she was with him we were in Detroit for a couples retreat Lmao…so yesterday I get woken up at two in the morning by this bull dog face bitch texting me out of the blue over bullshit….because I supposedly tried to add her man on Facebook and called me a hoe….she has had five kids for different fathers….six boyfriends in the last year and she called me a hoe smh…plus I have recordings of some of your plots to break us up so you can’t deny it!!! I’m tired of your fat nasty east side welfare rat ass…seriously you’ve caused so much shit between us it’s ridiculously immature you two have no ties let my husband go dude!!!! He didn’t want you and still doesn’t. Oh and I posted how her and her man she is all concerned about have been together less than a month….all over a non existent friend request…smh just go away….I know this isn’t homewrecking but I think females need to know what type of jealous Whore she is….btw idk this woman at all….Had one conversation with her over MySpace years ago!!!!! I’m the one with the pink hair.

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