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My husband and I have dated since we were in middle school. Next week we will be married 8 years. In February he just walked out on my daughter and I. Had a good friend that I’ve been friends with for 13+ years. She’s a single mom. If she needed anything fixed around her house I always offered my husband to help her out. || I found out that she had been FB messaging him checking on him since he left me offering divorce advice lawyers. Come to find out they ended up going on a date and sending very sexual messages back and forth. I did a little more digging and she had been sending him random messages the last year. Little hello’s here and there. NOT to mention her Mother had been inviting my husband over to dinner weekly after he left me trying to get them together. We hadn’t been separated 2 whole months not to mention he’s not even filed for divorce. Hes given/giving me zero money for our bills/home and these women are telling him to have no contact w me and give me no $. Which is a shame because she herself went through a NASTY divorce and I highly doubt she would have wanted that done to herself and who are THEY to get into my business. || Well I ended up blasting her and her name all over Facebook because I was pissed and I wanted everyone to know. Come to find out I guess my husband wasn’t the only man she jumped in bed w right after splitting with their wife AND she had an affair with a man that was engaged to be married at her HS reunion. Watch out ladies. She’s miserable and doesn’t care who she hurts to try and make herself happy.

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By Ronald

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