Kristina Fontyn Queen Thought Kentucky


My Cousin, a Veteran is married to a man, they share a child together. He just up and left her for this nasty thought awhile back. I’ve spoken to people in her family and found out that she also was married when she started sleeping with my Cousins man. Even worse, I found out she got with that one by cheating on the previous one. So, the second one was also married, she wrecked that house, messed up those kids lives, then got with my cousins man, busted up his home & hers. They’re both homewreckers & should be ashamed. Instead she’s always trying to flaunt the relationship in my cousins face. My cousin is very hurt, but like I told her, this nasty thought won’t stop, she will leave him too. If someone just shows her a little more money and attention, her panties are off! Hoe

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By Ronald

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