Kristi White ( Eva Willoughy, Kool, Staples) Kentucky Kentucky


My husband and I were going through a rough patch. He stupidly decided to confide in this whore (who can’t decide on a husband, much less a boyfriend or her name. She knew he was taken and was expecting. She still went after him and he took the bait (he’s disgusting as well.) || After about 3 months, she told him that he had to pick between her and I (I still did not know about her.) He chose me. I found out about her about a month after it ended. || After he ended things, we learned that he was only one of the men she was having sex with (while she was/is married to her 3rd husband.) She was also sleeping with a doctor at her work as well as an EMT and another random man whose girlfriend was pregnant, || This woman is a nurse in the radiology department at (removed) in Ft Thomas Kentucky. It’s bad enough that she uses illegal drugs, but to be sleeping with co-workers and any other man she can get – is just plain disgusting. || Honestly, after seeing what she looks like – I have to wonder what the hell these men are thinking. My husband had described her as a rail with a flat ass and saggy tits. I thought he was only saying that to make me feel better. Little did I know, he was telling the truth. On top of her looking like she had been rode hard and put away wet. || She disgusts me. She should be known for the whore she is. Ladies- keep your man away from this std collector.

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By Ronald

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