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Kristal worked with my husband at his extra job. She knew he was married and commented on how nice his wedding ring was and that”your wife must want everyone to know your taken”. She would meet him for quick sex where neither one took their clothes off, just pulled their pants off in a back room. She also sent pictures of her vagina with”shaved and ready” under it. After I found out and confronted her to ask questions she filed a false harassment claim saying I was harassing her about an affair she DID not have with my husband. I was not focused on her, I was trying to decide what I was going to do about my marriage and go on with my life with three kids. || She continued her harassment by putting something g about a stalker on Twitter which my 17yearold daughter commented back on. She proceeded to post my name and place of employment saying how pathetic I was. Then she threatened to go to police on my 17yo too. All on Twitter. I still tried to be the bigger person and made my daughter remove her comments and did not contact her. Now she has called my job and made a false accusation against me to get me fired. I have had enough. She thinks she is untouchable! The way she has handled this from the beginning to make me look like a harasser tells me this isn’t her first time with a married man or being the other woman. She likes the drama and feels she is on the wife’s level. Well she’s not! || Sadly she accepts a married mans scraps of sex by barely pulling his pants down to screw her in a back room. What a piece of work! Then she tries to deny it! She may have hid her trail but I saw the texts where she was asks g for sex and the pictures of her crotch and her face. This website is to expose trash and she is the biggest piece of garbage! Oh and of course I know my husband is not innocent but he admitted what he did and now the decision is mine. She is trying to ruin me and our livelihood. That is the true definition of a homewrecker.

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By Ronald

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