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My husband had cheated on me our whole relationship. I thought he would change so I stayed. He was very abusive in all ways. I had three children from a previous marriage and not long after we got married I got pregnant with our son. While I was expecting his first baby he cheated on me with my cousin. I was so stressed about the whole situation I almost lost my baby. After this he stopped cheating for a short time. Then one day we went to a friends wedding and I busted him talking to another girl. I was upset. We came home after the wedding and he beat me up and I pressed charges on him but I let him come home to work on our relationship for the kids. We renewed our vows shortly after that. His cousin started texting him saying she wished he was there to cuddle and hold her. I found that very weird but his whole family is weird so I just ignored it. || Well he left me the first week in August. We talked and decided to move forward and make our family work. Well that lasted a week. His uncle was passing away so he had to go back to be with his family. Everything was OK I thought. He called me on a Tuesday and said he was coming home so I waited up for him to get home but he never showed up. That Friday he showed up with his cousin to get his stuff. I found out a few months later that him and his cousin were expecting a baby together. It made me so sick to know my husband was cheating on me with his cousin. I filed for divorce and got full custody of our son since he hasn’t seen him in over a year. Now they say they are married and so in love. But he still doesn’t see our son or pay for anything for my son.

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