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I sent to Koszinski Group, a personal check, in the amount of thirty dollars and forty cents (30.40), for the offered product, Total Potency. This product was ordered on May 30, 2002, with an initial cost of twenty-eight dollars and ninety-five cents($28.95), plus a charge of one dollar and forty-five cents($1.45), for shipping and handling, or first class POSTAGE. nI now have no contact with the forementioned company, Koszinski Group, and if needed by you, I do have a copy of the order coupon that I filled out, and sent back to them. Also, for responding within seven(7) days, I was to receive a FREE SUPRISE BONUS, and I guess, I receved it, in the form of no contact and no product. Please contact me if I’m needed.nThank you, nCalvinnKansas City,, Kansas

521 Fifth Ave.,Suite1700,New York,NY Nationwide U.S.A.

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