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Complaint: My grandparents were taken for a ride by Karyna McLaren and Alex McAuley. I don’t even know how they met but when my Grams told me what they’d done, it was too late to go back – it sounded too good to be true, and it was. Alex and Karyna promised guaranteed returns on my grandparents investment – something to do with their Kosan company and more to do with stocks of some company called Garmatex – I really don’t understand it – my grandparents couldn’t explain it well. All I know is they took my parents retirement money – all they had in the world – and were never heard from again. No email, phone nor anything has ever been answered. My grandparents don’t seem to have any recourse. If you go on Facebook you’ll see these two travelling all over the world, living the good life. AND they continue to ask for more funds to finance their schemes. It makes my blood boil to know they’re travelling on my grandparents retirement money. I found the attached video on Youtube. Obviously it was posted by someone else who was scammed by these two. This was obviously a scam set up to take advantage of vulnerable old people like my grandparents. Please don’t let these guys fool you or your family!! Stay away from Alex McAuley and Karyna McLaren – they’re bad news!!

Tags: Bait & Switch, Bank Fraud, Business Investment Fraud, Con Man/ Scam Artist ALERT, Corrupt Companies, Finance, Scammers, Senior Services

Address: 2098 Marine Dr. Unit 1 Oakville, Ontario Canada

Website: www.kosantravel.com/

Phone: 604.336.8686

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