Korriandra Nicole Gay / Korri Gay / Korri Padilla Fort Lauderdale, Florida Florida


I noticed things changed between me and boyfriend in 2013. He no longer paid attention to me and when he did pay attention to me we fought. Things got worst when he did not attend my Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner. Our sex life went from 5 times a week to once a month. I knew that someone else invaded our relationship. I confronted him and he told me that there was no one else, and since I love him I wanted to believe him. But after going to a restaurant with friends, someone pulled me aside to tell me about my boyfriend’s new girlfriend. I was also given a name of”KORRI”. || I decided to bypass asking my boyfriend about this woman because I knew he would lie to me. I gain access to his phone and saw text messages from this woman. How she enjoyed their Valentine’s Day together. When he lied to me about where he would be. I figured that she was unaware that he was in a 5 year relationship with me, his live in girlfriend. So I got all her information to contact her. I texted her I figured it would be easier than calling. When she responded she denied even knowing him. I guess she a trained monkey. || Nevertheless, since I did not have solid proof, I had nothing. But the world is small, and Korri has been discussing her relationship with anyone who would listen. Basically, she did not care about him and only used him for his money. She knew all about me and laughed about the lies she told me. She stated that she felt that he was disgusting. As Korri spilled her guts in this hair salon, my aunt who is a hair stylist, listened. She even show pictures of boyfriend. My aunt was shocked and after hearing it I was hurt. With this new information I became more determined to get real proof. || So I learned to hack a MAC, It took me hours to find what I was looking for…but when I did it was worth it. Nude photos, videos, emails, receipts for Victoria Secret. This woman knows exactly what she has done and does not care. It is because of women like her men find it so easy to cheat. She needs to be exposed and if you know her keep your man away.

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By Ronald

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