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I was looking at emails one evening. I got one from a secret shopper company, I was not sure I wanted to do this but was sort of interested. so I went to the site and decided not to do it. two days later I recieved a text ( never gave anything to these people ) that if I wanted to accept the assignment which would be my first then to text this company back. I never tried to contact them back. today 5/4/16 I recieved in the mail a priority envelope with a set of instrcutions back and front with a check for $th2550 the check was a cashiers check. I was looking at the letter with instructions in it, I was to take $300 for myself as payment and go to kmart and walmart do some shopping with another $100. then take the rest of the money out of my bank and go to two western union and send 1.050 to one address in the Phillipines and the other to another person in the phillipines, use $50 for the wire transfer, total of $2,150. come home and send him a scanned copy of the reciept from the western union, to him. if I did not have a scanner then send him by email the exact amount of the transfers and the 10 digit code numbers on the receipts. I had to tell them the time I sent it and where I sent it from. I have the check and the paper also. none is signed by this man. the check had an unreadable signature on it but at the top left corner it said a womans name. I will gladly give this letter to legal persons if they can prove they are legal. this is really bad I am 68 yrs, old on a fixed income and do not need to deposit a check in the bank and wait for 24 to 48 hours for it to clear if it is a cashiers check it should be easily cashed without wait, also it was suppose to be written on a bank from Tenn., first farmers bank in fact. Winter Grace


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