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Complaint: We had a tune up on our 1993 Chevy Astro in June 2005 at the cost of $325.00. In August 2005, our check engine light came on, so we called them because this is what we took it in for in the first place. The Warranty is 4000 miles or 90 days, so we returned it within the time frame stated in their warranty. They did some test on it and said that the ECM (computer) was bad, and that it would have to be changed. So that cost us another $319.06. We picked the van up on 8/25/2005, and was told by “Ken”” that the check engine light might come on

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Address: and not to worry about it

Website: and they laughed and said “”NO””. So we called KM back and took it in again

Phone: because we had to give the van about 14days to really get “”use”” to the new computer. This didn’t sound right to us

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