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Please dont fall for this as I did. My credit isnt great, so I though getting approved for a loan in the first place seemed like a scam, however doing the research I didnt find any scams on the website or anything pertaining to this company. I was approved for a loan but needed to add $500 down for the first 3 payments, my loan then was sent to the finance department after, then a lady called me to discuss the insurance that was required to release the loan funds into my account. After talking to her she stated i needed to put $750 towards the loan for insurance, I thought this was unusual, finally I sent the money, then she stated the loan would be ready to go and the funds would be released. Nope I get another call from another man Louis Ford, he states that the lender decided to add additional $750 needed for insurance for the loan, i repeatedly told him this is the third time you all are requesting money and I have not received the loan. He stated that this would be the last time and he would email me a letter stating. I received the letter the next day not the day he told me I would receive it, I had to call him again. So I decided I was going to send money and then they call wouldnt go through, then I tried to email both Louis and Stan and I received an undelivered email back. I began calling again and finally they answered the phone, i stated i wanted to cancel this and Louis asked why I stated because it being a scam he then stated how would I get a refund if this was a scam, i stated i probably wasnt going to receive one. He told me in 14-30 business days i will receive a certified check, i will continue to bug the crap out of these people until i receive my $1250 dollars back. I also saw another post recently about someone that got scammed by this company as well.

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By Ronald

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