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Klein Contracting, Inc., a one-man roofing contracting operation that is run by Steven Paul Klein out of his house at 2301 Texas Ave, St. Louis Park, MN, using illegal alien labor, is the single most dangerous, dishonest and unprofessional contractor I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. In the Spring of 2009, I met Steve Klein through a mutual acquaintance, who informed Klein that I needed some roof repair done on my home. We met at my home for him to inspect the roof and give an estimate. He stated he needed a down payment of $500 to begin work, and I gave him a check for that amount. He said he’d write up the contract and give it to me that weekend at a tavern named Schuler’s in Golden Valley, MN, where Klein apparently conducts much of his business. When I went to meet him at Schuler’s, he wasn’t there, and I was informed by some of his friends at the bar that he had been arrested for attacking his live-in girlfriend. I called his home/business phone and was told by the person who answered the phone that he had indeed been arrested by the St. Louis Park police. I called a friend in the police dept. and was told he was facing felony strangulation charges. I immediately placed a stop-payment on the check and later informed Klein that I had done so, and that I didn’t want a person of his character working on my roof. He threatened me with physical harm and legal action, but nothing has come of it…yet. My bank informed me he tried to cash the check. I later learned from our mutual friend that Klein has a history of dangerous drunken behavior (DUI, etc.) and that Klein’s infant son died suddenly several years ago under suspicious circumstances involving Klein. BOTTOM LINE: Klein has lots of problems: personal, domestic, financial, etc…..and you don’t need to have your job affected by them. If this guy wants to do business with you, you’ll send him packing if you know what’s good for you!

2301 Texas Ave St. Louis Park, Minnesota United States of America


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