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This was the most exhausting and questionable experience I have ever been through. Kay makes promises, in writing, then backs out on those promises even when confronted with her own email facts. She has her employees screen her calls, directing them to say she is with clients. She will not return calls or emails, instead she directs her employees to send emails. | My daughter is doing International Studies abroad and I was unable to book a flight for a full year out. Kay indicated if I booked through her she could waive a flight change fee for my daughters return flight. When it came time to changing her return flight she backed out on her promise and tried to make more money off of me. She then told me to handle it myself so I called the airlines only to find out their was no change fee if they could book a return flight on a date that was at the same dollar amount. The airlines did not charge me but Kay informed me it was going to be $150.00 without her “waiver” (now her partial waiver) and that without the waiver it would have been $350.00. I called into the airlines twice to see where this $350.00 charge came from and both calls did not come up with that dollar amount. The closest charge would have been $250.00 so I picked a different date……Kay didn’t think of doing. She told me I didn’t inform her. Again, I have an email to show I did. | Kay also emailed me that there was no space available, strange……. I was able to book the flight back. | Kay made blame to me that I had not contacted her back in a timely manner on a confirmed return date for my daughter and that is why there was a change fee……I was able to book the flight back for free. | As far as customer service, it took 4 weeks to book the tickets with Kay. My husband stopped initially and I emailed and called for weeks. Her reply’s, if any, were promises to complete the bookings. | Additional failed customer service: I had a 5 hour layover in one city and called the airlines to see if there were any opens seats for me to grab at an earlier time. There were none. Because Kay had indicated she had a good rapport (in our early stage of her selling process to me) I called Kay to see if she could assist……..she text me the toll free number for the airlines and told me to call. | Kays emails to me were angry, in all caps, emotional, and very unprofessional. Her details, even on flight information, were incorrect. Her responses became very unorganized and full of errors. | I would highly recommend staying away from this Travel Agency. Very stressful and absolutely no support.

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