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We bought this refrigerator in feb. of 2013, in Nov. of 2013 it quit working. We called whirlpool for service, they came out and replaced parts 6 different times and didn’t get it working until the begining of Feb. We ask numerous times to replace the refrigerator but were told they had to try to fix before replacing. The refrigerator worked for about 4 weeks than the freezer quit working. Then we had to deal with the extended warrenty.It took 2 weeks and 3 trips here before they got it working again. About 2 weeks later the ice maker started leaking water. they replaced the ice maker and said we would have ice by that night. no ice. Since then they have been back 6 times and it is still not working. They came back this week looked at it again, did nothing and said they would be back in 3 weeks to fix it. After paying $3000.00 for a refrigerator you would think they would replace it after this many attemps to fix it. 8 month is more than enough time to fix it

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