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Kisha forman is a dirty whore of a homewrecker! She is addicted to drugs and will use her body to get her next fix. This started in March of 2014. My husband is a photographer by trade, and Kisha was one of his clients. She’s aspiring to be a model. At 34 years old her ass hasn’t made it big yet, and I doubt she ever will. She offered my husband sex in lieu of cash for a photo shoot, which my husband declined. She said she would gather the money for her shoot and return. She came back with money and then propositioned my husband again, this time offering to include me in her plan. Which I laughed off. She put half of the sitting fee down for the shoot, and set up a payment plan for the remainder of the balance at the time the photos were to be released. || During these 2 months I was diagnosed with cancer and became ill. Well when it came time for the photos to be released she came to pick up and surprise surprise didn’t have the rest of the balance. She was in the consult room with my husband when I walked in to hand him the phone. This bitch had my husband’s dick in her mouth! I flew off the fucking handle! Being weak there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to assault them , so I grabbed our sons baseball bat and hit her in the face with it! My husband was apologizing profusely, saying he felt bad for her not being able to pay, and the work was already performed, and I wasn’t in any condition to satisfy him, so he took the blowjob as payment, and that I should be ok with it because I love him and he wasn’t f**king her out of respect for me, and that she’s not his type regardless. Yeah right, screw you bill Clinton that Shit don’t fly with me! || I threw my husband out and went on with my life for my children, knowing any day could be my last. I was angry, I’m looking into her name and find out info that this isn’t the first time she’s done this to anyone! She’s addicted to heroin, and uses the photos to lure men on fubar, craigslist, any social media site she can, to swindle money from men! My husband ended up with fucking herpes from this girl, or so he says her, while he was begging me to take him back! I filed for divorce and never looked back. Watch Your men around this whore!

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By Ronald

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