Kirstie Long Fulton, New York Cheaters


About 3 and 1/2 years ago I became friends with Kirstie. Alot of people warned me to not be friends with her as she was a slut and always slept with everyones boyfriend… I didn’t believe the hype and thought she was a nice girl and I should be friends anyway. I was always a good friend to her, helped her in any way I could, even helped her to wrap her Childrens christmas presents every year… She started becoming a little weird asking about threesome with my boyfriend and my kids dad, I always had thought it was a joke. || So three and a half years later we are still friends, my boyfriend and I break up and. I was pretty upset about it, she told me I was better off without him, not even two days later I see my car I let him borrow in the bitchs driveway at 6am. He snitched on himself and told me he fucked up and she was sending him dirty pictures trying to get him to come over, he did because he was wasted. She then slept with him. I asked her about it the next day she tried to lie to me, finally sort of admitted it and in a small sense apologized. Then my kids dad tells her no more, and that he was trying to work on his family which he was…. A few days later the slut is sending him more dirty snapchats and invites him over again. He goes f**ks her no condom (whores never make someone use them) || Long story short, Kirstie long is a nasty whore. She will be your friend until you and your man break up then she will be shady as fuck and sleep with him. People warned me, I never listened … Hope you take my advice and stay away from this nasty bitch.

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By Ronald

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