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As much as a good man he was, he is now a hypocritical, lying, cheating man. I spent the last two and half years with this man. Most of it being great from my view. Just like any couple we had our ups and downs, but we always came thru them for the better and I loved him all the same. He did lack in a few areas, affections & intimacy being the biggest. Everything came to a screaching end September 18, 2015. At the end of August I had some personal issues come up that screwed with my life, he was there to pick me up like normal. Then come Labor Day weekend he just got distance. I didnt think too much of it due to the fact it was hunting season & he always got a little dustant during this time of year. Well out of no where on the 20th of Septmember while trolling Facebook he pops up being in a retaionship with another woman, who is a year and half younger than me( which makes her almost 12 years younger than him) & lives in Oregon with her 3 kids. I did think about exposing the white trash how but I honestly don’t think she knew. Anyways, what hurt the most from his cheating is his unwillingness to dump me even after being confronted about the affair & the fact that he never openly admitted our relationship like he did with the trollip after a week of talking to her. So now I mend my heart, debate whether or not to expose the rest his dirty little secrets or not. I hope she Burns him like his ex wife did prior & he has done to me.

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By Ronald

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