Kira Lynn Pie (Kira Lynn Morich) Del Rio, Texas Texas


My husband, myself and my daughter were living in Florida at the time. My husband travels for work and was home one weekend per month. He was working for about 6 months in Del Rio Texas while we were preparing to move to Texas (majority of his work is in Texas) so we could see him every weekend. While at a pool party in Del Rio with some work buddies, he meets Kira Lynn Pie. He exchanges his work phone number with her and they start sending each other hundreds of texts per day and spending tons of time together. She was well aware that he was married as she had to sit quietly by while he talked to me on the phone. She didn’t care. She traveled to see him and stayed with him when he was working in other towns around. || In July 2014 me and my daughter were able to finally move to Dallas Texas and just rented a beautiful farm house, enrolled her in school, and were getting settled in when about 2 weeks later I couldn’t sleep one night. I had a sneaking suspicion for a while that he was cheating on me so I tracked his phone on the findmyiphone app and saw that he was at a house (he should have been in a hotel because he told me hours before that he was going to bed). So long story short, I blew a gasket and he wouldn’t answer so I texted him the address he was at and within 30 seconds of getting that text I watched his phone make its way back to the hotel for him to call and pretend I woke him up. Then he decided he was busted and told me he was cheating on me but nothing else. I didn’t know her name, how old she was, what she did for a living, if she had kids, nothing. I just knew she existed and he was screwing her silly. I left him of course and moved into my own house as soon as I possibly could and he was devastated. Doesn’t matter. Anyhow, after a year, he begs and pleads to come back and at this point I am no longer mad and had forgiven him and decided we could try again because we had a really great marriage until Kira came along. Our daughter deserved for us to try. And I just needed to be the one he left her for, out of revenge. And it worked, she”threw up for 3 days because of how broken hearted she is” and”loved him more than she has ever loved anyone” and simply didnt give 2 shits that she destroyed a 10 year marriage and a 7 year olds family. I finally was able to learn more about her and as you can see she is horribly ugly. She is fat (my husband is super fitness so that part is shocking as hell) and she has about the worst hair a person could possibly ask for. She is a physical therapist in Del Rio and will not hesitate for a second if she sets her sights on your husband. || So Del Rio ladies, keep the clown away, you will know EXACTLY who I am talking about if you ever go there. And if you aren’t sure, her name is Kira Lynn Pie and she is a 35 year old raging alcoholic who thinks trashy is cute. Oh yeah, she also got kicked out of the Marines due to her involvement in some sort of scam/cover up so don’t thank her for being a veteran…..

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