King Ranch Turf San Antonio Texas Review


King Ranch Turf has overpriced turf, and terrible customer service. The turf was $50 per pallet more expensive than other nearby turf companies. I used them because I was assured that they had the best turf available. In hindsight, it seems that the turf is barely average for a higher than average cost. The initial delivery was made 2 days before the scheduled delivery date with no notification that it was being delivered early. On the second delivery, the delivery driver got stuck in my backyard, and made a complete mess. He asked me to use my truck to pull him out. I helped him get unstuck by pulling him out with my truck, and damaged my truck in the process. He never reported it to his management. I have tried contacting them, but they have been pretty unresponsive. The driver did not make any attempt to clean up his mess, apologize for the situation, or offer to do anything. He left as fast as he could. Their turf is no better than their competitors. I would recommend saving yourself $50 a pallet, and going elsewhere. Their delivery drivers, and office personnel have no regard for their customers. The best bet here is to just stay away from them.

4767 Hwy 281 N Spring Branch, Texas USA



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By Ronald

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