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She approached my husband at a local Walmart. Invited him to the new strip club in town where she worked. Asked to exchange phone numbers and then noticed his wedding band and said she didn’t care that he was married. I started noticing he was on his phone all night while he thought I was sleeping. He fell asleep and I checked his phone and text with her pretending to be him a few nights. Neither ever caught on lol. I let it go on a bit longer till he got comfortable. My grandmother was in the hospital dying I called and text him and he was”busy”. I checked the phone bill and saw that he sent her over 100 texts in the period of time I was trying to text him. I confronted both. He of course lied about her name and whatever but she on the other hand was more than willing to tell me everything. || She thought he was leaving me for her until he told her different. She doesn’t have custody of her kids. She was living in a camper on the strip club property, mooching off her family until they got fed up making her homeless. Lol karma’s a bitch hoe.

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By Ronald

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