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Been married for 24 years when my husband stopped at a gas station this woman worked at near his work. She knew he was married and made it clear to him she didn’t care. Me Being the only woman he has ever been with he caved. He started to tell her lies about our marriage because she wanted to know I guess. We have two kids and a grandson that lives at home with us. Our 21 year old daughter was just finishing up chemo for ovarian cancer. While I worked two jobs, cared for her and my grandson and my child. They met in January and started sleeping together in March. He said about two week in the sexual aspect he said his head began to clear. This homewrecker who has been married twice already, had kids not married. Was taking my husband to bed early morning before he went to work with her mom and kids in the next room and they all knew he married. || When he tried to break it off she threatened to come to my home. So he stayed until late April then he couldn’t take it anymore and confessed. He ended it with her. She continues to post I miss you so much, playing the victim. Women like her makes me sick. Talking marriage with my husband and how god brought them together. How mental is that? She needs to worry about fixing that missing tooth she’s got. Why she won’t smile with teeth. Runs the bars and gets drunk at 41 and talks like a sailor and gets fired from her jobs.. Keep it classy!!

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By Ronald

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