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My husband and I have known each other since 1981. Yeah, a longggg time. We met when I was 15 and he was 14 and became bf/gf back then. He had even planned to run way together but before that could happen, His family picked up and moved without any notice; his dad’s job position resulted in him being needed immediately in a different state. || Anywhoo. 28 years past. I had been married a few times( mostly abusive marriages) and 4 children; one of the four a miscarriage. My husband,”Rod” had several relationships, two children and married once. I’ve never been the lucky one when it came to relationships and love even though. as I said, I been married several times. I always picked the types that said all the right things to have me fall for them, then.. after a year or two being married, the abuse arrived. I suppose one can say my kind heart and romantic side always got the best of me. || Like I said, 28 years went by and I have always thought of Rod. Some may say love at first sight doesnt exist and real and true love doesn’t exist as a teenager.. But I beg the difference on both. I always had my love for Rod in all these years so deep in my heart and I always missed him. Rod felt the same way for me despite all the relationships he had as well in those 28 years. One particular relationship he had with a skanky B****H name Kim would become a problem that just won’t and refuse to go away. || Him and her lived together for 3 years, on and off. When she met Rod, she was separate but yet still married and had one child. Divorce papers from her wasn’t even filed yet. Kim didnt tell her daughter Rod’s real name. She had her daughter call him George. That should tell you something in how devious of a Wh**E and what lying c***t she is. Kim would have her husband pick up the daughter and had introduce Rod to him as”just a good friend” so her husband wouldn’t know she was cheating on him. I have no idea why Rod agreed to him being called”George” or even introduced as”just a good friend”, but he did. || Close to the end of Kim and Rod’s relationship, she began to have a new boyfriend every week. Yeah.. like I said, a WH**E!!! Rod and her was still living together and in a relationship!! When Rod was about to leave Kim, she would tell him, don’t go, she’s sorry, and she loves him. He would stay, all would be find for a while and BAMMM back to the same B.S. I know this to be true because my mom in law has told me that she would be nice to Rod as long as Rod had a job, money and go get her what she wanted. But soon as he couldn’t she would be done with him. One day, Kim told Rod she is thinking about trying to work things out with her husband BUT… ((lol, check this out everyone)) If it doesn’t work out, she like for them to be back together again because she does love him. Seriously B***CH??!!! || Finally my dear loving husband woke up, called it quits and moved out. 2 months after this happen for him, I had found him finally after research, and research some more. We talked about the”good ole times” and how our lives has been. We talked about our children and what we had plan for our future over a course of several days. I had been living on my own for about a year and 2 months I was just getting my life together after being married for 9 years to a mental abusive, druggy, ex-con husband. . Happiness for me was on it’s way, finally, as well as LOVE. || Finally one day, Rod had asked me if he could come visit me. I told him sure and from that day on, our love for each other has been even stronger than before. Yes, we have had our share of ups and downs; which brings this nasty wh***e back into the scene. || When Kim found out Rod had moved on, had connected with a someone from his past in whom he loved so much and plans on marrying one day…. Well. this only cause Kim to be” sorry for her action toward Rod, sooo in love with him and miss him so much.. dreams in how one day they will be together again and even had divorce her husband” … blah blah blah… Well excuse me.. ROD IS WITH ME NOW AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE. YOU LOST AND MY GAIN B**CH!!! Kim emailed Rod I dont know how many times tell him all this crap FOR 5 YEARS.. email after email after email to Rod.. Even continued doing so after I told her to back the hell off!!!. || But like I said, Rod and I have had our ups and downs. And one of the down days, we got into an bad argument. I told Rod I had enough; to go: its over. We aren’t getting married. I was so so mean to my husband. Even to this day I still feel terrible of all the nasty things I said to him. See, I have PSTD from prior abusive relationship I had and I have to take medicine for it. IDK why I stopped taking but I did and well… I kind lost control of myself and. needless to say, Rod left. He didn’t want to but did. || So yeah.. Kim found out, she crawled into the scene. They lived together for about a month. She played her”oh I Love Rod so much” game and many of his family fell for it. To this day they still chat with her nasty fat ass. About 2 months after Rod left, I had emailed Rodand told him that the payment for the car he was buying from me can wait till I get out of the hospital. HOSPITAL? Rod said to me. I explained to him what was going on with my health and Rod asked if it was okay he come visit me at the hospital. I told him I was no longer mad at him and yes, he can come see me if he wants. || Rod did and he told me he still loves only me. That made me so happy because I felt as I had lost him for good. He told me he wanted to still married me. And that made me feel even better. THEN he told me about Kim. That him and her has been living together and hanging out. But he knows it was a mistake and he regrets it..Yeah, I was hurt. But.. I have no one to blame but myself. I did open the door. I told him that lets just forgive and forget. He agreed. || So.. He went to Kim and told her that him living with her and hanging out with her was a big mistake. That it shouldn’t have happen. That he still loves me and always will. That to marry me was his plan and to have a future with me. YEAH.. Didn’t set will with her. Still doesn’t. Rod moved into a hotel and about a two weeks later, came back and lived with me. Rod and I got married in August 2015. AND yeah.. Kim has her little spies telling her how Rod is doing. She is still emailing him and telling him how she loves him and always will even though she is trying to get her fingers into another man too. || Ladies.. KEEP YOUR MAN CLOSE if you live close to the counties that Garrett, Indiana is at. This wh**e doesn’t care about marriage or the meaning HANDS OFF!!… HERE’S THE THING…. MY MESSAGE TO THIS WH**E…. ROD IS MY HUSBAND. MY MAN. I WILL NEVER BE OUT OF HIS LIFE AND WE WILL NEVER BE DIVORCE. YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE BI***… GET OUT OF MINE AND ROD’S LIFE.. STOP SNOOPING AROUND YOU NASTY B****!!! IF YOU EVER CROSS MY PATH IN PERSON, YOU ARE GONNA KNOW JUST HOW MUCH OF SOUTHERN ASS B*** I CAN BE IN RIPPING THAT UGLY DAMN MOLE OFF YOUR FACE!!!

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