Kimberly Ertefai – Scottsale, Arizona Arizona


This bitch is nuttier than a squirrels diaper! She is definitely one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen. This ratchet stinky psycho thinks shes better than anybody else and we are here (a group of girls that had enough with this sperm burpin bitch ) to put Kim ErteFAT on blast from years of her own fatal attraction saga starting in Arizona and now probably Colorado. We are certain that she has had other situations with people where she has tried to flirt her way into stealing or obsess on someone elses boyfriend/husband as if she sizes up the situation, plans her tactic and goes straight in for the score (without any thought as to the woman code). God I loathe these impudent and needy females who dont have anything better to do than look for drama and act messy! Well, only to findout that shes a loser whom nobody barely likes nor would even dare to fuck in fear of having their life so disturbed and stalked that they’d need a restraining order (which is needed for this quack). She is Delusional!! Its like…Hellerrr, knock knock…they don’t want you, didnt ever really like you and your character makes you even more of an ugly hungry hippo!! Clearly, she is a classic case of Alex (Glenn Close) from Fatal Attraction. OMG I just saw this old movie and was like…that could be this whore!! She has so many similar traits its scary. So dont let her in your life. Beware! She exudes crazy (esp the ‘crazy face’-its all in her eyes.and she thinks shes all that for some f*ckin reason like she can get whoever she wants, even if they’re taken. Okay, barbie bashin bipolar bimbo, whatever!! shes like daddys princess that got over praised as a child and spoiled all her life. Shit, this bitch needs a good smack down reality check cuz she is not a good friend, coworker, or girlfriend to have around. Shes a liar, a gossip, a fake, a cunt dumpster, an animal neglecter, shes deceitful, odd, likes old men, and a Facebook stalker.

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By Ronald

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