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This emotional affair originally began in 1995 when my husband and I were going through a tough period in our marriage. Like a marriage should be, We always worked through them coming through stronger. He had a crush. She was relentless and he was weak. He said he ended the contact because we had children ages 14,8,5,5,5. He said he never thought about her. A few years ago, she was running a charity event we donated a vacation to for the raffle. We were doing well, so he didn’t give it another thought. Well this year, while selling raffle tickets, and again, we were going through a rough time (I had been sick for a few years I had no energy, extreme fatigue, trying several medications to fight it and finally this year I am doing better), but I guess it wasn’t enough for him so he made it a point to get the raffle tickets from her and the texting, calls and sneaky around began. || After 33 years together, 26 years married, you know. He literally changed overnight. He was dieting, making sure he was tan, buying clothes, and his affection towards me immediately turned off. I felt I was losing him, so I did everything to get us back to where we were. We went to 3 beach concerts, went away on 2 vacations, numerous outings and I started to diet and give him my undivided attention. It didn’t matter. She was pulling him with her promise of an exciting life. I have no idea what they did, but he defended her being respectable. Which I know him well enough that he wouldn’t have been seeing her without sexual favors. Oh, but he continued with our sexual relationship, held my hand in bed, laid on the couch with me and put on an act. I felt him pulling further away. I even saw her name on his phone, told him I knew, and he denied it for months. || Finally on Monday I put a tracker app on his phone. Within 5 minutes he was caught. He told me he was going to tell me and he was moving out to have space to think. || He said he wouldn’t contact either of us and he hoped he’d be home soon. I contacted her, told her of my family, how devastated they were and for her to BACK OFF and let us heal!!! If she didn’t, I would make it my life’s purpose to destroy her. This woman of no moral or ethics, kept contacting him without a care of what anyone was going through. She’s the only one without a thing to lose! It’s a game to her. She’s a sociopath, She’s a gold digger and doesn’t care about him or she wouldn’t let him do this to his kids. || I stupidly allowed him to play me for a few more days. All the while he WAS still in contact. I kept the tracker on his phone, he said he wanted it there to prove to me he wasn’t in contact. Well, yesterday it disappeared and I knew how weak he was and he was seeing her. Lies, lies, and more lies. So I told him he has shown his choice. so Im done, its over. || He said it was strictly adventure! So selfish right? Buy a car you idiot. Why throw away a wife who has done her best for 33 years to make you happy? Do what makes you happy, buy what makes you happy. If you’re happy, I am. That’s how I’ve spent this marriage. About him, about my kids. So now I need to work on their healing. They are all that is important Now. He is having a Midlife crisis. He will see what he did and I will not be there as a back up. || I also made sure she knew gloves were off. Step one…….!

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