Kimball tirey and st. John Los Angeles California


Complaint: the very next day i went into the office explained what had occurred and let the manager know i was moving out all this time passed and now kimball tirey had put a wage garnishment on me and have so far took $3000. Out of my wages.. I felt like if i was being ripped off so i began to research them online come to find out I’m not They’re only victim. Please help stop this corrupt law firm from robbing people please. I work very hard for my money to keep just getting ripped off by these people About 12 to 15 years ago i lived in some apartments in the city of Colton California off of Washington st. At this complex they had security that was no where to be found at the time that i was robbed and stabbed, the very next day i went to the office, let the manager know i was moving because of this incident gave her the key and took off with all my belongings. About 1 year to 1 year and a 1/2 ago Kimball and tirey sent paper work to my job to begin garnishing my wages. So far kimball tirey have taken $3000. From me. I got tired of it and began to research them online. come to find out I’m only one of thousands that they’ve been ripping off.. From a $700. Dollar month that i supposedly owed turned into $7000.00 because of “interest””.. Somebody please help me to stop Kimball tirey from these thousands of robberies that have and continue to occur…”

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Address: 3281 E Guasti Rd # 425 Ontario, California USA


Phone: +1 619-234-1690

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