Kim McMasters – OLDER WOMAN INTO YOUNG GUYS North Carolina


Where do I begin? Kim is 50+ years old and slept with my husband, when she knew that he was married. This is not unusual for her. She is old, but thinks she is young. She hangs out with people who are half her age. She enjoys sleeping with men that are in their 30’s. None of her friends are her age. Her children are old, but she has no shame. You can find her around Asheboro at various bars, on any given day because she tries to hit on the younger guys, with the end goal of sleeping with them. She lets guys touch her in all kinds of ways, even out in public. She also enjoys showing them pictures of her in thongs, and other lingerie. Thinking about it makes me want to puke as she is old and wrinkly. Do not let this ALCOHOLIC southern belle fool you guys. She acts all high, mighty, and classy, but when you get to know her you will know she is just trash. If you have ever slept with her, do yourself a favor and get tested ASAP!

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By Ronald

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