Kim L Levingston Safford, Arizona Arizona


My husband and I were married 18 years by 2012. We had been through a rough patch, but I sincerely thought we were doing great. I thought we both shared the plan of growing old together. I was wrong. I had no idea that Robert had started an affair with Kim Levingston, one of our employees. He always said mean things about her, so I thought there was no way he was attracted to her. He would say she was fat and stupid, and he had no desire to talk to her, let alone see her after hours. It was all a smoke screen. || They spent too much time together, they were giggling together a lot and I caught them sharing a cigarette on more than one occasion. I protested to my husband, but he would repeat that his best defense to having an affair with KIM was her appearance.”Seriously?? you think I’m attracted to THAT?” I was stupid, stupid, stupid. || In Summer 2012, I was going over a credit card bill, and noticed a charge for $33 to AppleBee’s in Tucson, AZ. Robert had gone to Tucson on that date for a Domino’s Pizza Training for franchisees and their managers. The closest thing we had to managers (other than Robert and myself) was two other employees. Upon checking payroll, I noticed that those two women were working the date of the meeting. What stuck out about that meeting was Robert had called and told me that he got to Tucson too late for the meeting and had to stay late for the next training session that night. Also $100 cash was taken out of our account. || I called the store that the training was at and found out that Robert had taken Kim (a delivery driver) to the only training that was held at 9 am. There was not an evening training session. || I called Robert and immediately we got into a fight. He was in Show Low with a friend and we argued over the phone. When he came home we argued more and he promised over and over that Kim was nothing! He took her to the meeting, but didn’t tell me because he knew I’d be jealous. He accused me of being crazy jealous. Nothing was going on between him and Kim, it was all in my head. I loved my husband very much, so I tried to believe him. He had been basically a good man, I must be imagining things. || Everyday Rob left for work BEFORE me. I showered after he left and stopped at Starbuck’s. Still I managed to arrive at work 20 – 30 minutes before he did. It left a terrible feeling in my heart, but I tried to put it out of my mind. After all, I was being stupid. || In December, I drove to Hollywood to see my daughter. I was only gone a few days, but Robert didn’t seem interested in talking to me or texting me. When I called, he always seemed distracted. So I decided to go home 12 hours early. I didn’t tell him I was coming. I just got in my car and took my youngest daughter with me. I talked to him once early in the evening and he stated that he felt ill and went home early. He said he was in bed. I drove the 10 hours home – only stopping for gas. When I got home, I ran inside our bedroom. He was not there. I called and he answered. He said my call woke him and that he was still in bed. He sounded so convincing that I lifted the sheets to see if maybe he was there after all – mope. He was lying – I wasn’t”imagining” this …. It was true. I told him I would be home in a few minutes and he freaked out! He told me that he HAD been home, but decided to go for a drive (in my daughter’s Porsche) to clear his head. HOW DARE I NOT TELL HIM I WAS ON MY WAY HOME! He arrived home about an hour later. He even sent me a text with a picture of the passenger’s seat of the Porsche empty to prove he was alone. || The next day at Domino’s Pizza, Kim came in and screamed at me about how dare I ruin her night! || That was it – a big light went on and I filed for divorce. || While packing some of Rob’s items a found a big pair of panties cut like the younger girls wear. I just shook my head. He was so disgusting! || He continued to swear I was imagining all of this – he didn’t want Kim… He didn’t love Kim… And at one point Feb of 2013 he asked to come home. I missed the Robert I had first been married to – I missed him terribly…. He promised to make it work and that he’d be back 100% . It only lasted 3 weeks before I found out he was cheating again WITH KIM LEVINGSTON! She would call our business phone and leave drunken voice mails and Robert would get up and say there was an emergency at Domimo’s that he had to go. This happened several nights – how many after hour emergencies can one Domino’s Pizza have??? One night I got up around 3 or 4 am and looked at the calls that had come in to the Domino’s Pizza business cell phone. There were several every night and several voicemail. I played the voicemail and my world was rocked. There was this trashy whore screaming at my husband that she was going to tell the Labor board on him, that he was done for, that he never really cared for her….and on and on. I recorded all the voicemail onto my phone. I could not believe that she would yell and scream and threaten and then he would run to her. Not one message was sweet or loving, or broken hearted. They were mean, ugly messages like” You’re making me mad, Robert””you don’t want to see me mad, Robert””I’ll do crazy shit, right”. || I also saw an email sent from our business email account to Kim’s personal email address titled”asshole eating”. Was he that vulgar and freaky now???? I hadn’t”lost” the man I loved, he was abducted by aliens and this sick, old super freak was left in his place. || My divorce was a joke, Robert lied throughout the whole deal. He got the Safford Domino’s Pizza business and all our cars, our toy hauler, our ski boat, and our house. I got $1000 a month, but of course he is behind and he never paid off the debts he was ordered to. Kim now lives in my house – the house that we would never have owned if it wasn’t for my mother. She also put up the money so we could buy the Domino’s Pizza franchise. Robert refuses to honor his debts. || Kim thinks she got the cash cow! She is about 20 years younger than Robert. She is already sending nude photos of herself to Domino’s Pizza employees because according to her victims, she says Robert doesn’t”do it for her” but he does offer financial security. I guess I was the only woman on earth stupid enough to love Robert when he didn’t have a dime. || One day their world will come crashing down. Robert has been embezzling from Domino’s since 2005. I found the proof among the papers left behind.

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