Kim Fisher-Bishop – Dunnellon, Florida Florida


Kim Fisher-Bishop was an old friend of my husbands from high school that found my husband on Facebook. She then text/called him constantly at all hrs of the night and day to rekindle a past relationship with him even though she knew he was married and she was to at the time! He works towboats so they where able to keep it on the dL for awhile! She made sure to put herself as his beck and call girl when we started going through difficult times due to finances changing and other regular problems marriages go through. || They both then proceeded to send nude pictures to eachother. When I found out and confronted him he admitted to it only because I had logs and logs of phone calls and messages between them as evidence! As for her she tried to deny it when I questioned her on fb messages but the truth always eventually comes out!! My husband should have put a stop to it, but he didn’t, so he is to blame just as much as this whore! We lived in Texas and she lived in his home town of Inverness, Florida. Now, he is living with her in Dunnellon, Florida and acting as if his former family never existed!

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By Ronald

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