Kim Dunn – Skank goes after married coworkers West Virginia


The piece of trash has a habit of going after married men that she works with. She befriends them and then manipulates them. Obviously, the men are at fault, too. However, she is a master manipulator and convinces them she loves them and is down-to-earth and wants to have fun. etc. Once she feels like she’s hooked them she begins working on them to leave their wives/families. So far, she hasn’t been successful, but not for a lack of trying. After each failed affair she spreads the rumor that the married man pursued her and then ridiculed her and after getting what he wanted. She does this and then tells sob stories to her next mark to get sympathy and make him want to protect her. She’s nothing but a skank. She also gets off on befriending the wives on social media so she can keep track of what the wife posts.

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By Ronald

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