Kim Carr Johnson – Houston, Texas Texas


Kim is a thirsty desperate lonely chick. She works with my husband and they started out as “just friends”. Soon they began sexting eachother and she would tell him how desperately she wanted him. He would meet up with her in their work parking garage where she would perform oral sex on him and he would finger, grope and kiss her. She knew he was married, knew about me, my name and knew he had 2 kids. He said she knew what was up but didn’t care. He says he wasn’t physically attracted to her but was flattered by all the attention he would get from her and how she was pursuing him so hard. Trust me my husband has been cursed out and thrown out over this but women like this disgust me. You knowingly and willingly pursue a married man and for what?? He was never going to leave he was never going to be her man and that right there is sad.

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By Ronald

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