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So this Kim Brewer chick was dating my husband’s cousin and well my husband and his cousin went to prison not at the same time but close too. Well she became pregnant with the cousin baby …and I threw her shower was there for her kicked it every day the whole nine yards anyways a year goes bye and my husband gets out ….me and her still friends kick it every day like a bff …well time goes on and she gets a new hook up friend with benefits and she all about him but never do I get to met him a year goes bye …one day my hubby leaves his phone home and I go thru it only to find them talking …I love u and I thought u were leaving her ..only she knew he was a cheater already Cuz of stuff that happened before prison but we worked pass that i thought…anyways I flipped out her sitting on my couch while I’m reading this she leaves calls him and tells him I went thru his work phone and seen texts the only thing that stop her from a ass whooping my kids were there… || Well I filed for a divorce eight days later… He took us to Disney land on my p.t.o and moved out shorty after while of course nothing been good for them she got a s.t.d and he cheated on her a lot she lives at home with mommy and daddy so it was hard iI’m sure cause they didn’t live together ….once out in the open shit didn’t work right they hada 1 year anniversary while we were still married …this bitch had made up a fake boy friend when really she was fucking my husband and would come over after eat dinner and chill ..she now has a restraining order on him and he with some one else but yet won’tlet me move on …I don’t know what to do it sux but I want everyone to see these home wreckers and the cheater.

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By Ronald

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