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Finally I can share something with you that I have been keeping secret for the past 10 months. I have been dealing with a horrific lawsuit. Let me start back at the beginning. In September 2014, I was hired by fashion blogger Keir McGill (aka Kier Mellour) from E!u2019s House of DVF to be her blog co-editor, photographer, and personal assistant. If you watched the first season of House of DVF, then you will be familiar with the b****y blond who came in 3rd place. If you happen to read her blog, you might remember her whining about how the show was edited to make her seem like a villain. Let me set the record straight: Keir is the cruelest and most manipulative person I have ever encountered. At the time that I was employed by Keir, she had not yet been paid in full from the TV show, so our contract stated that my pay would be deferred until she received her final check. I worked my a** off, and provided Keir with 33 photo shoots and wrote 11 blog posts for her. I drove her all around Los Angeles to various blogger events, and did all manner of b***h work for her and her disgusting (now ex-)boyfriend Rogeru2013everything from getting them groceries, to taking care of their dry cleaning, to carrying stuff around for Roger if it was too heavy (he is a 6u20193u2033 beefcake, mind you). On December 21st 2014 I went with them to the House of DVF finale event to take photos. I was excited because I knew that Keir would be receiving her final check that night and I was thrilled to finally be reimbursed for the 124 hours of labor that I had provided. However, that night was the last time I ever saw her. At first I was confused about why she would not speak to me, but then it became painfully clear to me that she was cutting me off so that did not have to pay me. After I sent her a couple of invoice reminders, she had a fake lawyer (he failed the Bar and it is illegal for him to practice law) threaten me with a restraining order. At that point I realized that I needed to get serious and take her to court. Since I did not have any written proof of a wage that we agreed upon, I knew that my court case would be the strongest if I sued her for only minimum wage for the hours I worked. Our court date was May 19th, 2015. I brought Brian with me. I had a binder with me full of approximately 300 pages of evidenceu2013all of the photos I took and posts that I had written. When we exchanged evidence before our case, she handed me a few pages of random emails that she had printed out and I handed her my huge binder. Roger flipped through it with noticeably shaking hands, telling me that I had “nothingu201d. When we stood before the judge

I chose to read a preprepared testimony. My testimony was cut and dry: I had proof I was employed. I had proof of the work I had done and the hours I had worked. California state law requires that all employees are required to be paid at least minimum wage. Therefore

I was owed minimum wage. Keir had nothing prepared

but rambled about how

as payment

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